Bangai-O Spirits

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From acclaimed developer Treasure, the maker of cult classics like Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, and Sin & Punishment comes the re-imagining of one of their most beloved franchises-Bangai-O-Spirits! This insanely fast-paced arcade shooter has been perfected for a new platform with over 160 unique levels, a robust level editing tool, eye-searing explosive visuals, wireless co-op options, and much more!


  • Over 160 levels of eye-searing action!
  • Exclusive content available only in North America!
  • Robust level editor gives you the ability to edit any existing level in real time or create your own from scratch!
  • 1-4 Player wireless co-op and competitive battles!
  • Create and swap levels with your friends!
  • Never-before-seen worldwide data transfer technology- Sound Load!
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